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Who are we?

At Jishan, we are more than just a packaging provider – we are your dedicated partner in sustainable packaging solutions. Based in Penang, Malaysia, we are primarily involved in the manufacturing of paper and plastic packaging products, namely corrugated carton box, die-cut tray, thermoforming tray, stretch film, and paper forming products. With more than 20 years of experience in the packaging industry, we have built a reputation in ensuring the consistency of quality products at competitive prices, on time delivery, excellence service and support to our customer.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

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All our packaging products are designed with sustainability and eco-friendliness in mind. Our paper product line is FSC certified, ensuring responsible sourcing and environmental stewardship. Even our plastic products incorporate up to 60% post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, making them a more sustainable choice.

Food Packaging

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                                    Plastic                                 Bagasse                             Kraft Paper                   

The Evolving Story of Jishan Berhad

The Emergence of Jishan Pack (2000-2009)

Jishan Pack, our initial venture founded by Managing Director, Ng Eng Siong, began as a paperboard converter in Penang. As we evolved, so did our product range, expanding into ESD shielding bags, thermoplastic trays and foams.


Growth and Control (2010-2019)

In 2010, we established Plant 1, a pivotal move that allowed us to manufacture trays and ESD bags in-house, providing better control over quality and stock availability. As part of our commitment to sustainable energy, we began investing in solar power. In 2018, we ventured into corrugated paperboard production, necessitating our shift to Plant 2. 

Diversification (2020-2022)

Responding to market needs, we entered the commercial plastic trays arena, focusing on disposable food packaging. This strategic move proved successful as we achieved listing on the Bursa LEAP Market in 2021.

Embracing Sustainability (2023)

Recognising the rising demand for biodegradable packaging, Jishan embarked on an eco-friendly journey in 2023. Our commitment led us to introduce  40% PCR content in our plastic products and secure FSC certification for our paper products.

Future Plan (2024)

Looking ahead, we established Plant 4 in 2024 to manufacture paper forming products, offering a green alternative to plastic trays and furthering our commitment to a sustainable future.


Join us on our path of growth, innovation, and sustainability. At Jishan Berhad, we are dedicated to shaping a future where quality meets environmental responsibility.

Plant 1

Thermoforming Tray Division

Plant 2

Corrugated Paper Division

Plant 3

Extrusion & Stretch Film Division

Plant 4

Paper Forming Division
First plant for biodgradable plastic packaging
Second plant for paper pulp moulded products
Forth plant coming soon


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