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Industrial Pulp Tray

Pulp Products

Pulp product is a versatile and eco-friendly packaging solution made from recycled paper or sustainable materials such as sugarcane. It provides a sturdy yet environmentally conscious option for your packaging needs. 

With the additional of the pulp products, we are proud to announce that we provide full range of sustainable, bio-degrable packaging solution: carton, die cut box, nesting, pulp moulded trays.

Paper Pulp.png

Pulp Moulding Process: Wet VS Dry

Zero Waste

Jishan Group strives to be the leading sustainable packaging supplier in Malaysia who delivers eco-friendly solutions that not only meet customer expectations but also aligns with the green environmental standards.

Our commitment to one of our ESG principles: Zero Waste is showcased through the incorporation of offcuts from carton production as key materials in the paper pulp moulded products.

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